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Part 1. Where foxes dance, where foxes sing, The white fox rules them all, The black fox is their king, You’ll be sure to hear her call, As she welcomes you in.

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A cat diet is the best for the fennec. Because of this, adequate taurine should be added to the diet. Cooking destroys a lot of taurine, so raw meat is the best source.

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Behavior. Arctic foxes must endure a temperature difference of up to 90-100 °C between the external environment and their internal core temperature. To prevent heat loss, the Arctic fox curls up tightly tucking its legs and head …

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Winter is here, and and Penny Fox knows how to chase the cold away and heat things up. Soaking up the sun, letting the beams touch every inch …

In Chinese, Japanese, and Korean folklores, foxes (huli jing in China, kitsune in Japan, and kumiho in Korea) are powerful spirits that are known for their highly mischievous and cunning nature, and they often take on the form of female humans to seduce men.