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How to Build A Water Garden or Fish Pond . Calculators and other OnLine tools to help plan & build a water garden or pond! Pond Volume Calculator

Metro Water Filter has been in the water filtration business for over forty years. With all our years of experience filtering water, we know what works.

Home or Business Water Filtration Systems for Well Water or Municipal Water. We specialize in custom water treatment systems and reverse osmosis systems.

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Wine To Water uses a special filter to help families get clean water in hard to reach areas, like refugee camps and natural disasters. At a WTW Filter Build, you can help us assemble these water filters and learn about the world water crisis.

How to build a homemade DIY fish pond biological biofilter to eliminate green water in your pond. Starting with some history of our pond, and going on to discuss pre-filters, bio-filters, veggy filters and related advice.

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Get high quality, low cost water filtration systems and products for RV’s, Tiny Houses and boats with unprecedented personal customer attention.

Thanks so much for posting these plans — it’s working beautifully. My 300 gal. pond and gravel bog filter have been up and running for about 6 weeks with a 950 gph pump.

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For about what you will spend or less putting together the supplies here to build just one you could buy a sawyer filter system at Walmart. It will make a lot more water that is safer by a huge margin.

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Learn how to build a pondless waterfall style water feature with a stream. This step-by-step guide provides easy to follow directions for installation.

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